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Treasure Island

Panto on the High Seas!

If it be treasure yer after, just remember… All that glitters is not gold!

Join us for a swashbuckling adventure on the open ocean! Our heroes are searching for treasure, but the path ahead is uncharted and full of danger. They’ll have to stick together to overcome all odds and beat the pirates to the X on the map. Mysterious forces and sharp-toothed creatures are aligned against them in the AATG’s family-friendly annual British panto: ‘Treasure Island: Panto on the High Seas!’

What is a panto?
A traditional British pantomime is a fun, colourful stage play that is usually based on a popular story or fairy tale. “Pantos” are full of song, dance, silly jokes and larger-than-life characters. They’re completely child-friendly, but adults also enjoy the spectacle and have an excuse to be a bit immature for a couple of hours! The most important part of a panto is actually the audience: characters often speak directly to the children and their parents, getting them involved with what’s going on in the story. The characters sometimes encourage the audience to shout out certain traditional phrases, such as “It’s behind you!” when something horrible is sneaking up on the hero, and “Oh no you’re not!” when the villain needs a reality check. The pantos we produce are usually written by AATG members, so they’re often a brand new experiences! We put our heart and soul into each production, and having our audiences respond so enthusiastically is our greatest treasure.

Written & directed by Kyle Buijs