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Raquel Kurpershoek


Raquel Kurpershoek Jaldón behoort tot de grootste internationale flamencotalenten, met een brede kijk op de traditionele stijl. Haar nieuwste project, genaamd NIZAMI, is een eerbetoon aan de Perzische schrijver en filosoof Nizami Ganjavi en dient als inspiratiebron voor haar artistieke compositie vol magie, kleur en liefdesdiversiteit.

As a child, Raquel always enjoyed many visits to museums with her father. It was on one of these visits that Raquel saw a book that had a profound impact on her: “The 7 Wise Princesses” by the poet and philosopher Nizami Ganjovi, featuring the wonderful and impressive illustrations of Nilesh Mistery. The book exuded a magical aura. Her father gave it to her, and ever since that day, wherever she goes, her book is always close to her, even to this day, holding a significant place in Raquel’s life.

What color represents love to you? Love takes on different shades for each person. However, the color of love is ever-changing, much like life itself. Everything evolves because we change, learn, and grow with our emotions and perspectives. “NIZAMI” is inspired by Nizami’s book “The 7 Wise Princesses.” The story revolves around seven princesses, each from different corners of the world, and each with her unique interpretation of what love entails and the color it is associated with. In “NIZAMI,” Raquel narrates these stories through various musical styles. Accompanied by pianist Evelyn Vera Gallardo and percussionist Danny Rombout, she creates an intimate and poetic atmosphere, inviting us to embark on a journey through different experiences. Through these tales, Raquel aims to establish connections, enrich our understanding, and provide pathways for identification. She celebrates the diverse ways of experiencing love, encompassing
aspects of fragility, exploration, friendship, desire, sorrow, and true love