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Primordial Creature

Yvette Teeuwen

As an art performer I explore what it is to be a human-creature: the body ‘as a deep Being’ with so many interesting different levels and still unsearched areas. And also more specifically the intuitive female body with all its magic timeless knowledge. From there, from diving deep within these levels, I express intuitively with movements and abstract voice sounds, ancient-futuristic-knowledge that comes up naturally from my raw inner source!

Like this, I will also dive into my primordial source, in the solo performance ‘Primordial Creature’ that I am specially developing for the characteristics & energy of the space of ‘de Diepe’ , the old swimming pool space of theatre the Regentes. On the spot i will also tune this new work in on the presence of the public and the energy of that very moment.

My performance will be something to watch with your (normal)eyes but perhaps also with other senses of your body; a subtle yet intense invitation to resonate together in different ways than we did before.

Yvette Teeuwen’s art consists mostly of live performance art and videoperformances (and in the past also installations, situationworks, performative jewelry, photographs, interactive participative social art projects, etc).

‘All my different works of art form a quest for the Being of things, to touch an inner core and make it more intensely tangible for the viewer. The work forms an intense subtle focus inward, so that you reconnect with the core within yourself or the core of something outside of you. In that sense there is always a movement from outside to inside and vice versa; becoming transparent, an appearing, a showing oneself. It’s about letting people re-connect with: yourself, the other, the moment, your body, the layer beneath things, everyday beauty and new, more subtle forms of communication.’ 

She performs live regularly in different parts of the Netherlands and abroad like Finland, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Spain and more, and lots of her videoperformances have been selected and shown in video(performance)festivals in countries like India, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Porto Rico, Argentina, and more.

Instagram (yvette_teeuwen) & www.yvetteeuwen.nl