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Opening water ritual 

Gather at 19:00 at Regentesseplein

Door Yvette Teeuwen and Maikel Smid 


a fluid making connections through our bodies 
which always adapts to its environment where it is in touch with 
We drink it on a daily basis. 
It holds memory, energy; has consciousness 
emotions when it flows it brings awareness, once there 
A higher mind perspective is then able to; be – together 
Collaborate w a direction 
In Unison: Re-connect; to open presence to experience 

Yvette Teeuwen  
Her art consists mostly of live performance art and videoperformances (and in the past also installations, situationworks, performative jewelry, photographs, interactive participative social art projects, etc). 

‘All my different works of art form a quest for the Being of things, to touch an inner core and make it more intensely tangible for the viewer. The work forms an intense and  subtle focus inwards, so that you reconnect with the core within yourself or the core of something outside of you. In that sense there is always a movement from outside to inside and vice versa; becoming transparent, an appearing, a showing oneself. It’s about letting people re-connect with: yourself, the other, the moment, your body, the layer beneath things, everyday beauty and new, more subtle forms of communication.’  

She performs live regularly in different parts of the Netherlands and abroad like Finland, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Spain and more. Her video performances have been selected and shown around the globe in countries like India, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Porto Rico, Argentina. 

Maikel Smid 
There is much we don’t see, or know, at least we think that. I’ve been fascinated by intuition and how much knowledge information can be brought through our body. Where does it come from? 
Our senses can pick that information up. once we are in a non-thinking state. one of the easiest ways to get there (for me atleast) is sound. Listening through our ears. As they aren’t connected to our brain, they are that gateway directly to those other spaces with different rules to play with – dimensions.