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zo 19 nov 2023

Film screenings & artist talk with Maksim Shved

Our guest is a contemporary documentary filmmaker and director from Belarus – Maksim Shved, who is visiting the Netherlands. Maksim Shved won several awards and prizes for his best-known work: “Pure Art” (2019), in 2021 he was named the best documentary film director by the “Red Heather” award of Belarus Film Critics Association.
Maksim Shved will share with us some of his latest works:

“A Photographer from the Square of Changes” – 20 min (BEL, RU; English subtitles)
“Voices. Where is my homeland” – 40 min (BEL, RU; English subtitles)

Film viewing will be followed by an informal conversation with the director himself, who could answer your questions about the films, about being a filmmaker in Belarus today, and also about his way to becoming a documentarist because by his first degree, Maksim is a politologist.