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Everything is rhythm  

Juggling and music workshop by Julinho Pimentel 

 This special workshop combines tradition and new inventions, juggling with Samba balls, the sound of the human body, and numerous percussion instruments. Music, playfulness, life force, and rhythm come together, touches you and puts your body in motion! Rhythm is essential to life; it is a primal force! 

Julinho Pimentel (born in 1990, Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro) grew up among drums, in a highly musical family. He was spoon-fed a love for percussion. He began his career as a musician with his family – the Kriya Familia – when he was just eight years old. Julinho further developed his percussion skills on various instruments and discovered the world of circus and the art of juggling. His musicality came in handy, as juggling is rhythm.  

Pimentel has played with various well-known international artists, gives solo performances where he mixes percussion with juggling and body percussion. He has emerged as a versatile musician and is seen on various stages in the Netherlands and in numerous countries.