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Disclosed within and out Glass Installation by Yaaray  


Closeness, estrangement, intimacy,  
glass is transparency.  
Clear view through and to  
Our body is fragile and familiar and thin.  
Our breath settles in the warmth and wetness within.  
Endless voices whisper in no sense,  
In an unknown unfathomed space.  
Where, when, how, what goes on enclosed by physicality?  
Projecting outside and back inside once more, time and time another,  
Into the other, produced by existence.  
All is redundant, the same with variation.  
Sleep, hunger, anger, thought, sensation.  
What does it sound like to feel, live, function?  
Inside and out, transmitting information.  
Signalling, what is consciousness?  
What fascinated us as creatures who are aware?  
What are we not aware of?  
Simplicity is surrounding beauty,  
Every movement catches and sends different waves of meaning and validity.  
We sound and hear and radiate:  
Softness, calm, warmth, intensity, hate, connection, alienation.  

Disclosed within & out is a sound installation, with the purpose of bringing to light all of the thoughts and wonderings regarding human bodily events. Through glass vessels of various shapes and forms, familiar yet strange sounds from our body and mind will resonate and alternate between the dimensions of recognition and obscurity.  

Yaaray is a composer and a sound artist, working consistently with concepts such as Isolation, physicality and matter, artificiality, nature, fragility and instability. In the past two years, the main focus of practice has been developing a compositional method using acoustic instruments, voice and digital sound manipulation, to convey abstract sonic interpretation of poetry, visual arts and objects.