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Animals and Synthesizers

Video and live music by Tomer Baruch

Animals and Synthesizers is an ongoing web-project by producer and sound artist Tomer Baruch in which he creates electronic scores to animal videos. The project has gone viral and currently has over 130k followers on Instagram and more on other platforms. In 2022, after four years of mostly online activity, Baruch released a first audiovisual album of the project named Synthesized Sounds of the Sea on Hamseen Sounds and began performing an audiovisual solo set of animal videos with live electronic music. The performance features an eclectic mix of animals, poetic and awkward, mysterious and odd, each with its own accompanying soundtrack, created with an array of vintage and modern synthesizers.


“Tomer Baruch is a genius at scoring the wild movements of animals as diverse as alpacas, jellyfish and herons” – New York Times

“Animals and Synthesizers is reason to love the internet again” – CDM

“Baruch records stunning visual snippets of animal behaviors, synthesizing their movements into mesmerizing sounds.” – edm.com

Tomer Baruch is an interdisciplinary musician and sound artist. In his work he mixes a variety of genres and mediums, ranging from psychedelic funk, abstract ambient lullabies, noise-jazz and experimental net-based sound art. In recent years he has recorded and toured as a solo performer as well as with Ensembles CRuNCH 22 and Stoka, released music on labels SOVN Records, Hamseen Sounds and Audio Montage, and composed music for various films, dance works and theatre plays.